Hi, my name is Sha.
I am an information designer working with a team on Healthcare.gov.
I cofounded Gifpop, Meshu, and Movity. I have worked at Trulia, Stamen, and IwamotoScott and have worked on projects for CNN, MTV, Flickr, and Adobe.
I spend way too much time thinking about cities, data, and fabrication.
Spending in NYC

Blue blocks are groceries purchases, and since I lived in Williamsburg and worked in DUMBO, those two spots pile up pretty quickly. Green blocks are for restaurants / other food expenses, which end up all along Bedford in Williamsburg and scattered in SoHo and Union Square / East Village area. There’s a big spike in yellow [shopping] at Century 21 and a couple spots on Broadway in SoHo, and the purple are ‘entertainment’ purchases — the big spike in midtown was a Blonde Redhead show at Terminal 5, with a couple smaller ones at Music Hall of Williamsburg and Bowery Ballroom.